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Short-Term Case

The focus group participants had something to say and were grateful to be asked. These conversations confirmed that our client had a very resilient and committed workforce. Hearing thoughtful responses to the different topical concerns demonstrated a sincere interest in their city becoming a better place to work and live. These concerns and celebrations were consistently repeated and strongly confirmed throughout the Employee Survey. The challenge for the City was that their internal Employee Study generated more questions than answers.


Medium-Term Case

This contrasted with the employees’ reported areas to celebrate, which revolved around their contributions and development. The County had challenges with recruiting, retention, and accountability.


Long-Term Case

Move from the Outcomes tab to the Approach tab: The work began with an Employee Engagement survey to ensure the culture work was grounded in data and solid evidence of change and impact. Using the engagement survey to establish baseline measures, we led a one-day retreat of all thirty (30) participants, followed by team development sessions and small group sessions for an additional eleven (11) months. The County had a history of scandals and unethical business practices, which impacted its leaders.

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