DEI Culture Assessment Services

Looking for DEI initiatives that are engaging and constructive? At Government Leadership Solutions, we use a research-based approach, our Pro-Human 7C’s™ model, to help organizations remove barriers and create a culture of belonging.

Our DEI culture assessment services, including

  • Individual assessments
  • Team assessments
  • Department assessments
  • Organizational assessments

Why Choose Our Services?

A. Expertise Tailored to Government Needs

We do not simply employ off-the-shelf tools. We are professionals in a wide range of assessment techniques, and we can even create custom questionnaires to gather the information you require. Our offerings include prominent tools such as DiSC, MBTI, CQ, EQ, IDI, and our proprietary Love-Based Culture Assessment™.

B. Proven Track Record

We have a list of proud and satisfied government workplaces where everyone feels like they belong and can do their best work. We don’t just point out problems, we team up with you to find ways to build respect and understanding between everyone. This leads to happier, more productive employees who are excited to come to work and do great things!

C. Customized Approach

Every government agency is different; that’s why we tailor our DEI culture assessments to your needs. We consider the size of your agency, its structure, and any special challenges you face. This way, you get practical advice that directly applies to your situation and helps you make real improvements.

DEI Culture Assessment Services

The Importance of DEI Culture​

Importance of DEI Culture

Promoting Equity and Fairness in Government Practices

An inclusive workforce brings a wider range of perspectives to the table. Our DEI culture assessment allows us to pinpoint areas where unconscious bias may be influencing decision-making, resulting in fairer and more equitable practices for everyone.

Creating Inclusive and Empowering Workplaces

When employees feel appreciated for their ideas and talents, they’re more likely to be happy and productive at work. That’s why our DEI culture assessment helps you find and remove any roadblocks that might be stopping people from feeling like they belong. This way, everyone on your team feels valued and ready to do their best work!

Enhanced Problem-Solving and Innovation

Inclusive teams bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences, leading to more creative solutions and innovative approaches to challenges. By fostering a culture that embraces various viewpoints, you leverage the full potential of your workforce.

Improved Public Trust and Image

Prioritization of DEI culture demonstrates a commitment to serving all citizens fairly. This leads to greater public trust and a more positive image for your organization.

Stronger Talent Acquisition and Retention

Top talent looks for environments that promote inclusiveness and equity. In order to ensure a solid basis for your agency’s future, a strong DEI culture helps you attract and keep the greatest talent.

Importance of DEI Culture

Our DEI Culture Assessment Services

1. Comprehensive DEI Surveys and Data Collection

Our DEI culture assessment begins with a customized survey session that utilizes a variety of methods, including:

  • Proprietary love-based culture assessment™
  • Standardized assessments
  • Focus groups and interviews
2. In-depth Analysis and Actionable Insights

Our team of experts doesn’t just collect data – we translate it into actionable insights. We utilize our  Pro-Human 7C’s™ Model to analyze your results, focusing on seven key dimensions of a thriving DEI culture:

  • Consciousness: Have a clear understanding of your agency’s DEI goals and values.
  • Compassion: Have empathy and understanding.
  • Competence: Have the skills and knowledge needed for a diverse workforce.
  • Communication: Can effectively do teams work together across differences.
  • Connection: Have a genuine commitment to DEI at all levels of the organization
  • Capacity: Have the resources and support structures in place to effectively implement and sustain DEI initiatives.
  • Consent: Involvement of employees in shaping the goals, strategies, and implementation of DEI efforts.
3. Customized Strategies

We create a personalized road map for improving your DEI culture based on our results. Not only this, we partner with you throughout the implementation process, providing coaching and support to ensure your DEI initiatives succeed.

DEI Culture Assessment Services

Assessment Areas

Assessment Areas
1. Diversity Representation and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Implementation of DEI in your recruitment efforts.
  • The extent to which your present inclusion activities help everyone feel respected and at home.
2. Equity in Hiring, Promotion, and Compensation
  • Identify unconscious biases impacting your hiring, promotion, and compensation decisions.
  • Ensure that all employees have a fair shot at advancement based on merit and performance.
  • Review and adjust the compensation structure to ensure equity across genders, races, and other demographic groups.
3. Inclusivity in Policies and Decision-Making
  • Evaluate agency policies to ensure they are inclusive.
  • Ensure that all employees have a voice in decision-making processes.
  • Ensure a culture of open communication and feedback from all levels of the organization.

How We Work?

Government Leadership Solutions believes in a collaborative approach.  Here’s how we partner with you to conduct a comprehensive DEI culture assessment and build a roadmap for success:

1. Consultation

Our procedure begins with a discussion with all the important government officials and stakeholders to learn about the particular objectives, difficulties, and ongoing DEI projects of your agency.

2. Confidential Assessment

Our surveys are anonymous, and focus groups are facilitated in a safe space where everyone feels comfortable sharing their honest feedback.




3. Transparent Reporting

We’ll give you a transparent, thorough report explaining our results. The results will be broken down in this report according to department, demographic group, and other relevant factors.

4. Action

We will consider the particular circumstances of your organization and workforce when making recommendations that are sensitive to cultural differences. Additionally, we’ll outline specific strategies you can take to address problems and enhance your current strengths.

5. Implementation Support and Evaluation

We are committed to creating lasting relationships with our clients. Throughout the implementation process, we will be here to answer your questions, offer coaching and assistance, and assist you in monitoring your progress toward reaching your DEI objectives.

Who Can Benefit from Our Services?

Whether you’re just getting started with diversity, equity, and inclusion or aiming to boost your efforts, we’ve got your back. Let’s work together to make your workplace more welcoming and successful.

  • Municipalities and Local government bodies
  • County Governments
  • Regional Authorities
  • Federal and state governments
  • Government Agencies and Departments
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