Long-Term Case

Our client’s office serves all the departments to support the county, such as the: Airport, Animal Control, Environmental Health, Housing, Judicial Court, Library, Medical Examiner, Parks, and more. The county government is run by elected officials and has individuals hired for their roles. The organization has a history of scandals and unethical business practices, which impacted its leaders. In the hope of changing that perception, we started a long Organizational Assessment for deeper organizational change.

The work began with an Employee Engagement survey to ensure the culture work was grounded in data and solid evidence of change and impact. Using the engagement survey to establish baseline measures, we led a one-day retreat of all thirty (30) participants, followed by team development sessions and small group sessions for an additional eleven (11) months.

In addition to the outputs of a guiding Culture Map and defined, specific goals to bring the map to life, this work had a remarkable impact on the organization. Through this process of involving all employees in the process, the employees became engaged! Data captured at the end of Phase I illustrates the overall impact Phase I of the culture work had on the employees and the organization, including financial impact.

Areas of overall improvement include:
  • Productivity of team
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee retention
  • Employee engagement