Medium-Term Case

A client underwent an extensive year of cultural exploration and development. As part of the initial survey in 2021, the employees identified themes about being forward-thinking, improving their communication, and the support of the employees generally. The employees identified that they would like to see even more communication; they had concerns about recruiting and retention and reported trends for accountability and the need for more manager support and training. This contrasted with the employees reporting areas to celebrate revolved around their contributions and development.

A year later, Government Leadership Solutions developed a similar survey in order to show changes and improvements since 2021. A report was elaborated, which included the 2021 comparison of 299 responses to 2022’s comparison of 242 overall responses

In the first phase of this transformation, GLS partnered with the County Manager and their leadership team in the first critical step of engaging the hearts and minds of employees and reshaping the future by establishing the organization as an Employer of Choice. GLS facilitated large and small group discussions and practical applications designed to enhance the culture. The work began with an Employee Engagement survey to ensure the culture work was grounded in data and solid evidence of change and impact. Using the engagement survey to establish baseline measures, we led a one-day retreat of all thirty (30) participants, followed by team development sessions and small group sessions for an additional eleven (11) months. These large and small group sessions were structured to generate honest discussion and practical application. The sessions covered topics such as Develop Why Statement to Align with Why, POV, Statement to Support Purpose, Non-Negotiable Values, and more. Developed strategies to align with their stated culture ensured alignment with their Why, POV, and Non-negotiable Values in their behaviors and practices, reflecting in increased productivity, employee retention, and commitment to excellence.