Short-Term Case

A client hoped to learn, and support with data, how the workforce viewed Job Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, Morale, and Organizational Culture within their governmental organization. The insight gained may support data-driven decisions and awareness of the current state of affairs, needs for existing initiatives, and forward movement of strategic objectives in meaningful and informed ways.

Government Leadership Solutions developed a survey to assess City Personnel Engagement. Five one-hour focus groups and two one-hour interviews were held. Over 60 employees from different organizational levels participated in the specific discussions. Five topics were explored, and each confidential focus group session had between 8 and 15 active participants.

As a result of the survey, recommendations included:
  • Innovation Labs
  • Ongoing Focus Groups and Pulse Surveys
  • 360 Evaluations
  • No Meeting Days
  • PR Strategy – Celebrating the Wins
  • Co-worker Recognition
  • Communications Training
The focus group participants had something to say and were grateful to be asked. These conversations confirmed that our client has a very resilient and committed workforce. Hearing thoughtful responses to the different topical concerns demonstrated a sincere interest in their city becoming a better place to work and live. These concerns and celebrations were consistently repeated and strongly confirmed throughout the Employee Survey.