Local Government Leadership Training

Effective leadership is the cornerstone of any successful local government. Our Local government leadership training equips officials and aspiring leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively handle the challenges and opportunities of the public sector.

The Importance of Local Government Leadership Training

Resource Management

Our training equips leaders with strong financial management skills, strategic planning techniques, and grant-writing expertise to maximize resources and deliver essential services.

Building Consensus

Effective leaders understand the importance of collaboration. GLS training sessions focus on communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution to foster a spirit of cooperation among diverse stakeholders.

Data-Driven Decision Making

In today’s data-rich world, informed decision-making is crucial. Our training provides leaders with the skills to analyze data, identify trends, and make sound policy choices based on evidence.

Citizen Engagement

GLS programs teach leaders effective communication strategies to engage citizens, build trust, and garner public support for important initiatives. This leads to increased trust, greater public participation in decision-making, and a more responsive and accountable government.

Service Delivery

Efficient and effective service delivery is a core responsibility of local government.  GLS training empowers leaders to optimize internal processes, manage personnel effectively, and ensure that essential services are delivered efficiently and equitably.

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Our Approach to Local Government Leadership Training

Expert Trainer
Expert Trainers

Our training programs are led by a distinguished faculty of instructors with extensive experience in local government leadership training and development.  These instructors are not just academics – they are former government officials and public administration experts who bring real-world insights and proven strategies to you. Their expertise ensures that participants receive practical, actionable guidance that can be applied immediately within their local government environment.

Customized Training Programs

Government Leadership Solutions works closely with each client to understand their needs and goals. Through collaborative discussions, we develop a customized training program that addresses your most pressing leadership challenges. This tailored approach ensures that participants receive the most relevant and impactful training possible.

Whether you need training for elected officials, department heads, or emerging leaders, we have the expertise and flexibility to create a program that empowers your leaders and strengthens your community.

Training Programs Offered

Training Program
1. Leadership Assessment

Before beginning the leadership development journey, it’s crucial to identify strengths and areas for improvement. GLS utilizes a multi-faceted approach to leadership assessment, incorporating:

  • Industry-standard assessments: We leverage tools like DiSC, MBTI, and EQ to gauge leadership styles, personality traits, and emotional intelligence.
  • Organizational Culture Assessment: Our proprietary Love-Based Culture Assessment™ goes beyond individual evaluations. This tool analyzes your organization’s overall culture, identifying areas that may be hindering leadership effectiveness.


2. Leadership Essentials

Building strong leadership starts with a solid foundation. Our “Leadership Essentials” program equips participants with the core competencies needed to excel. This program covers:

  • Pro-Human 7C’s™ Model: This framework fosters a people-centered approach to leadership, addressing challenges associated with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives. It helps leaders dismantle barriers like resistance and fear, paving the way for successful DEIB implementation.
  • Effective Communication: Learn to clearly articulate ideas, actively listen, and foster open communication within your team.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Develop frameworks for analyzing complex data, weighing options, and making sound decisions that benefit your community.
  • Team Management:  Equip yourself with the skills to build high-performing teams, foster collaboration, and motivate your staff.
Training Program
3. Strategic Planning

GLS offers in-depth training on strategic planning. We’ll help you develop a clear vision and translate it into actionable plans through our:

  • Intentional Organizational Culture Process™: This program helps you cultivate a desired workplace culture at all levels. You’ll learn how to foster collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence within your organization.
  • F³ (Focused, Facilitated, Fun) Retreat Facilitation: Our experienced facilitators will guide your team through a productive and engaging retreat experience using the F³ method.  This ensures a fun and focused environment where your team can develop and implement effective strategies.
4. Public Engagement

Building strong relationships with your constituents is essential for successful local government leadership.  Our Public Engagement training program equips you with the skills to:

  • Communicate Effectively with Diverse Audiences: Learn to tailor your message to resonate with different stakeholder groups.
  • Facilitate Productive Dialogue: Develop your skills in hosting town halls, public forums, and other engagement opportunities.
  • Incorporate Citizen Feedback: Discover strategies to effectively gather and integrate citizen input into the decision-making process.
Training Program

Why Choose Government Leadership Solutions?

Proven Results

Our training programs have a demonstrably positive impact on local government leaders and their communities. Here are just a few examples:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Enhanced Citizen Engagement
  • Improved Team Performance
  • Improved employee retention
Training Program

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s what our clients are saying:

“GLS’s training program transformed my leadership style. I’m now more effective at communicating with my team and fostering a collaborative environment. This has led to a significant improvement in departmental performance.”

“The public engagement training from GLS was invaluable. We were able to connect with our residents on a deeper level and gather crucial feedback that shaped our policy decisions.”

 “The program equipped us with the tools to develop a data-driven plan for optimizing operations.  Within one year, we implemented these strategies, resulting in a 15% reduction in operational costs. These savings were then reinvested in critical community programs.”

How Does It Work?

Training Program

We ensure our local government leadership training translates into practical application within your real-world scenarios. Here’s how:

1. Initial Consultation

We start by talking with you to get a clear picture of what your government agency needs, the challenges you’re facing, and what you want to achieve in terms of leadership.

2. Needs Assessment

Our team does a thorough check to understand exactly what you need. This might involve evaluating your leadership skills, talking to important people in your organization, and looking at your work environment. This helps us customize our services to match your needs.

3. Co-Designing Your Program

We collaborate with you to create a leadership development program that meets both your objectives and budget.

4. Personalized Training

Our local government leadership training programs focus on:

Case Studies & Simulations: Our programs incorporate real-world case studies and simulations that mirror the challenges you face daily. This allows you to apply newly acquired skills in a safe, controlled environment and gain valuable practice before implementing them in your work.

Peer Learning & Networking: Our programs foster a collaborative learning environment where participants can share experiences, and best practices, and support one another.  This network of peers becomes a valuable resource as you return to your workplace and begin to implement changes.

5. Action Planning and Implementation

We don’t stop at knowledge acquisition. Each program includes dedicated time for participants to develop personalized action plans. You’ll identify specific goals, outline concrete steps for implementation, and establish metrics to track your progress back in your workplace.

6. Continuous Support

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the training itself.  GLS offers optional coaching and mentorship opportunities to provide ongoing support and guidance as you implement your action plans.  Connect with experienced facilitators who can answer questions, troubleshoot challenges, and help you navigate the practical application of your learned skills within your local government environment.

Training Program

Training Formats

At GLS, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.  We offer flexible program structures to meet your needs.  Whether you prefer a comprehensive 12-month program, a focused 12-week micro-learning experience, a quarterly series, or a standalone training day, we can co-design a program that delivers the most impactful results for your leadership team.

Our local government leadership training programs are available in the following formats to accommodate your schedule and preferences.

In-Person Workshops

Immerse yourself in a collaborative learning environment with our interactive in-person workshops.  These sessions foster dynamic discussions, team-building exercises, and valuable peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

Virtual Sessions

Benefit from the convenience and cost-effectiveness of virtual training sessions. Our virtual programs are designed to be engaging and interactive, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own office.

Hybrid Learning

Combine the benefits of both in-person and virtual learning with our hybrid training options. This approach offers the flexibility of attending some sessions remotely while still enjoying the advantages of face-to-face interaction.

Training Program

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1. Why is leadership training significant for local governments?

Leadership in local government is crucial because it involves a diverse range of tasks and demands specific skills and qualities. Local government leaders shape their communities, make important decisions, and prioritize the welfare of the people they serve.

2. Is leadership training beneficial for the society as well?

Leadership training benefits society by inspiring managers and leaders to:

  • Explore creative methods for developing and guiding people.
  • Push themselves to define their leadership aspirations.
  • Address larger societal challenges and understand their role in addressing them.
3. What is the difference between leadership training and leadership development?

Leadership training concentrates on short-term skill enhancement, while leadership development is geared towards long-term personal growth and nurturing leadership attributes. In fact, training is a subset of development.

4. What is the duration of your leadership training programs?

Our leadership training programs come in various lengths, offering options like one-day workshops, modular programs spanning multiple days, and continuous coaching sessions.

5. Do you maintain the confidentiality of our data?

Ensuring confidentiality and privacy is paramount to us. Our training setting fosters a secure environment for candid discussions on leadership issues. Trainers uphold rigorous ethical guidelines, and any sensitive information disclosed during the training is handled with the highest confidentiality to foster trust among participants.